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Kiln Dried Hardwood

Baked in a Biomass Kiln for approximately 7 days reducing its moisture content to 20%, the perfect criteria for safe, efficient, instant and atmospheric home burning.

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Seasoned Hardwood

Our Seasoned Hardwood has been stored at our yard and is perfect for those who order well in advance. Can be cut to any length (10”+). Cheaper than Kiln Dried Hardwood.

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Our Kindling that has been Kiln Dried is a necessity when starting your fire. Delivered with your logs in large potato sacks, which in turn can be used for a fire starter.

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log stores

Natural Firelighters

Our 100% clean and organic Natural Firelighters are odourless, requiring only one Firelighter for a successful ignition.

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log nets

Log Stores

Our attractive log stores are a huge success storing your firewood efficiently, whether they are custom made or standard size.

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Log Nets

Our Log Nets are ideal for those with minimal storage or who burn very infrequently. Delivery is free when ordering 10 nets or more.*

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What We Provide


Local Native Hardwood

Our Firewood is very local native hardwoods cut to 10" and ready for either seasoned distribution or dried in a kiln for 7 days.


We provide high quality kiln dried kindling in paper potato sacks, netted log bags and natural bees wax firelighters.

Custom Log Stores

We have gained a superb reputation for our standard and custom fit heavy duty log stores that are delivered and placed assembled in situation.

Mixed Log Delivery

We are more than happy to deliver 1cube of Kiln Dried and 1cube of Seasoned Firewood in the same delivery, keeping them separate.

Stacking Service

As an optional extra we provide a stacking service taking the strain out of ordering your firewood.