Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently asked questions about Kiln Dried Logs

Here are some answers to some of our most popular questions concerning logs, ordering and deliveries.
Is your firewood sold under the new regulations which came into force on 1st May 2021?

Our Kiln Dried Hardwood has a moisture content of less than 20% and is certified 'Ready to Burn'.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver free of charge within a 20 mile radius of SN12 8NH. As we do not trust third party delivery companies we only deliver within that 20 mile radius.

What is the best way of storing my logs?

Kiln Dried Hardwood - These logs have been force dried to a moisture content lower than 20%, therefore need to be stored in dry conditions and can be used immediately.

Seasoned Hardwood - This wood is not suitable for burning until it has been dried. Dry it in a sunny, well-aired space for at least two years, keeping rain off in the winter. Radial cracks and bark that comes off easily suggests wood that is ready for burning. Test the wood when you think it is ready for burning, ideally with a moisture meter. First calibrate the meter and then measure a freshly split surface to get the best reading.

How long are the logs?

We standard cut our logs between 9” and 10” however we can organise other lengths for our seasoned firewood.

How many logs do i get?

Our logs are delivered either loose, in a standard dumpy bag (0.75m3) or in 20kg nets. Our loose logs are loaded and measured onto the truck in 1m3, 2m3 or 3m3. This is a loose load and not a stacked load, therefore once your, for example 1m3 has been delivered if this is then stacked it will measure approx 0.8m3. 

How are the logs delivered?

Our bulk loads are delivered loose (better value) where we endeavour to get our small tipper trucks to a suitable location (ie garage entrance, car port) where they can either be tipped or chucked from the truck. We can also deliver 1 cube loose loads in a 4x4 for customers who want them delivered in awkward off road positions. We do offer a stacking service for an additional fee of £25 per cube. If you order Kiln Dried logs and its raining on the day of delivery we will cover them with a new tarp and this is yours to keep for the next delivery.

How can I order and pay?

Anna and her team have built up a great relationship with all clients and are happy to take orders over the phone, by email or SMS. We also provide online ordering and paying for those who wish to purchase outside office hours. We accept electronic payment, cheques, debit/credit cards and Paypal.

What are the benefits of Kiln Dried over Seasoned firewood?

Kiln Dried firewood with a moisture content of 20% or less will burn brighter, cleaner and hotter. Easy to light and requires less logs for your stove to reach optimum temperature. They can be stored inside and do not have bugs or woodworm. No need to store huge quantities as they can be used straight after delivery. Safer for your chimney as it stays cleaner longer.

I have just had a stove fitted, what do I require?

If you want to burn your logs straight away then order Kiln Dried firewood along with our ‘Bundle’ this consists of 2 large potato sacks of kiln dried kindling and a box of 25 natural firefighters. This will make ignition easy and you will benefit from very hot fires. Check out our log stores if you require storage.

Where do your logs come from?

Our timber is sourced sustainably from local woodlands keeping timber miles to a minimum. Our suppliers consist of small woodland owners or large estates managed by accredited tree consultants and managers. We do not import any of our timber.

Do you do Cash and Carry?

Unfortunately we can not offer cash and carry.