Top Grade Logstores

custom log store 

Top Grade Custom Logstores

(No Flimsy Flat Pack Stores Sold Here)

In addition to the standard heavy duty log stores we offer our customers we also, at no extra cost provide a custom made heavy duty log store service.


Logstores for Kiln Dried and Seasoned Firewood

Kiln Dried Logstores have solid sides and back with extra overhang and Seasoned Logstores have slatted sides and back for extra weathering.

Simply order a standard size log store or send us your measurements and we will calculate the price based on storage space. We will then construct your Logstore, deliver and place in situ.

Standard size Seasoned Logstore dimensions and prices:

Store Type Example Dimensions Price
1 Cube Storeh1.55m x w1.4m x d0.6mFrom £265
2 Cube Storeh1.85m x w2.0m x d0.6mFrom £315
3 Cube Storeh2.00m x w2.6m x d0.6mFrom £365
4 Cube Storeh2.15m x w3.2m x d0.6mFrom £415


  • Kiln Dried Logstore

    Extra overhang and solid sides and back

  • Multi-use Log Stores

    Log Stores that can corporate shelters for other uses

  • Logstore Options

    Logstores can have different rooves and divides

  • Logstores Situations

    Logstores for any place can be custom fitted